jeudi 12 avril 2012

Choisis ta porte

Roger van Hecke, Choisis ta porte, 1957.

« Born in Tourcoing, France, at the very moment earth was shaking in Japan. After having exercised innumerable trades: harvester, chemist, motorcycle racer, cook, gardener, decorator, lecturer, etc. ... he sailed to Japan in 1949. There, he taught French, worked as a newspaper man and, finally, as a riding-school teacher. Participated in shows and reviews inspired by Surrealism. He visited Korea during the war (he was arrested by U.S. soldiers in Kiong-Jon), then China, the Philippines, and travelled back to Paris in 1959. »

(Catalogue de l'exposition Surrealist intrusion in the enchanter's domain, 1960.  Traduit du français par Julien Levy et Claude Tarnaud.)